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Some frequently asked questions regarding our Learn to Skate Programs:

What should my child wear
Children should be dressed in warm, comfortable clothing. Socks should be lightweight and not heavy and it is recommended that beginning skaters wear helmets or a thick hat. Mittens are also suggested. Knit leggings, sweaters or sweatshirts are a good choice. Blue jeans for boys are also a good choice.

My child has never skated before. What class should they enroll in?
The tot I class is the beginning level class for tots ages 3 5. It is suggested that all skaters begin in the Tot 1 class even if they have skated a little before. Skaters will be placed in the class that benefits them the most.

The Basic Pre-Alpha class is structured for beginning skaters ages 6 11. This class is an entry- level class and it is suggested that all beginning skaters start with this class. This includes skaters who have not skated before and those who have had some skating experience but no formal training.

How large are the classes?
The Barrington Ice Arena prides itself on personalized attention and caring about the individual child. Our tot classes are approximately 10 1, always with the concern of the childs development in mind. Our basic skills class sizes are approximately 12 1, however this may vary. In addition to a highly trained staff of professionals, we have a staff of class assistants who are trained to make your childs skating experience one full of learning and fun.

What is the USFSA/ISI registration fee for?
The Barrington Ice Arena charges a once a year fee for your child to be registered with both the USFSA (The United States Figure Skating Association) and the ISI (The Ice Skating Institute).   These organizations provide programs and services for your children while they are enrolled in their programs. Information on these organizations is available from Paula Wagener (630-521-1111.)

Do you offer hockey learn to skate classes?
Yes, you can look under the youth hockey or prehockey sections or you can contact Geno Goss at 847-381-4777.